Monday, March 1, 2010

Where in the World is Richard Alpert?

Following the revelation of Jacob's apparent demise at the beginning of LOST's sixth season, everyone's favorite Other/mascara enthusiast, Richard Alpert, was forced (THROAT PUNCH!!!) to kneel before the might of Fake Locke. Like an eternally youthful, eye-lined caterpillar, the calm, collected negotiator of season five tumbled from FLocke's hammock-cocoon and regressed into a throat-punched mess, franticly scurrying about the jungle like some bastardized butterfly.

During his manic jungle sprint, Richard managed to bump into Sawyer for a moment before fleeing in fear of another throat punching. Who knows where Richard ran off to next (probably the temple, but that's no fun) or who he met along the way. This is where you, the LOST fans, come in. Bust out your Photoshop, your MS paint, hell even your safety scissors and glue. Put your shooping skills to the test and help illuminate crazy Richard's quest to get as far away from FLocke and his seemingly endless supply of throat-punchings.

Remember, this is LOST we're talking about! Who knows what kind of insane, time-traveling, dimension-hopping shenanigans ol' raccoon eyes has gotten himself into. No time or place is off limits. When you are finished with your doctored masterpiece, post it in the comments of the weekly "Where in the World is Richard Alpert?" entry. If you are a noob and have no idea how to post images, feel free to email them to and I will post them for you. Every week I'll pick the best shoops and who knows, there might be some prizes involved!!! (probably not)

I've provided links to screencaps below the cut, so you don't need to go scouring teh internets to find a good pic of crazy Richard. I got the ball rolling below with crazy Richard's special appearance in Action Comics #1. Have fun and good shooping!

Screen Caps:

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  1. I definitely found Richard in this one:

    (I can't take the credit for making it, though. Found through Tumblr)